Pr. Nji Arouna Njayou Ngapagna

Pr. Nji Arouna Njayou Ngapagna

Country Manager

Associate Prof Dr. Nji Arouna Njayou Ngapagna is currently an AFROHUN Country Manager in Cameroun.  He obtained his PhD in Epidemiology from the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar-Senegal, and his Veterinary Doctorate degree (DVM) from the Inter-State School of Veterinary Medecine (EISMV) in Dakar-Senegal. His master’s degree in Veterinary Public Health was obtained at EISMV in 2009.

He exercised in the faculty of veterinary medicine of Université des Montagnes for 11 years before being appointed to his current post as AFROHUN Country Manager in Cameroon. He is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Public Health, Infectious and zoonotic disease and has expertise in One Health Institutionalization, Epidemiology and zoonotic disease.

He is a Member of the pedagogical commission at Université des Montagnes. He is a trainer of trainees in many topics “One health, biosecurity and biosafety, incidence management system, epidemiological investigation, Early Warning System (SAP), Descriptive Epidemiology, Risk Communication and community engagement, Specimen Collection and Transport ” in Africa.

The Associate Prof, Dr Nji Arouna Njayou Ngapagna showed an interest in One Health since 11 years.

He is involved in the process of revising university training programs in Cameroon with Component 3 (hosted at Ministry of Higher Education) of the zoonosis program (One Health platform) which is hosted at prime ministry of the Republic of Cameroon; and is a resource person for the sensitization of heads of institutions on the “One Health” concept. He participated in the adoption process of the training curriculum for Directors of Veterinary Services at the 100th day in Africa; and in the definition of the different competencies of future veterinarians at the 1st day within AU-IBAR). He has been an academic mentor of the FAO pilot Regional Field Epidemiology Training Programme (ISAVET).

He has contributed to the revision and harmonization of veterinary training programs by aligning them with the OIE’s core competency framework for veterinary training and by adapting them to the country’s current needs in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP) of Cameroon.

In addition to that, he served as an Activity lead in 2016 and Country Thematic Lead of Curriculum, Course strengthening, program development and delivery in 2020 at the former OHCEA and AFROHUN in Cameroon.